Parent Resources

In today's world, when content of all kinds—text, images, video, software, and music—can be downloaded with the click of a mouse, it is critically important that children learn about copyright.

Beginning as early as kindergarten, they need to know what copyright means. They need to understand why it is important to respect the work (the intellectual property) of others and how they can use material created by others—in what they do at home, at school, and on the Internet.

This section of the Join the ©Team! website provides resources to help parents help their children learn the important lessons about copyright and to provide explanations of the rules that children need to follow.

Here you will find:

Join the ©Team! Parent Brochure, which is designed to inform parents about intellectual property rules and guidelines so you can teach your children how to copy right.

Research Project Guidelines for teaching children to cite the sources they use when doing research for a school project.

Homework How-To's with tips for helping children learn respect for the work of others when they use content copied from print and online resources in their schoolwork.

More Information for Parents

These additional links provide facts and research of interest to parents about computer and video games.

OK to Play?, a brochure produced by the Entertainment Software Rating Board which provides a complete description of the video and computer game rating system.

Video Games and Families, a report from the Entertainment Software Association on survey results about parents' attitudes, awareness, and behavior regarding video and computer games.

Essential Facts about Games and Youth Violence, a brochure produced by the Entertainment Software Association that outlines basic facts about the video game industry in order to help parents better understand the debate about violence in video and computer games.