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In today's world, when content of all kinds—text, images, video, software, and music—can be downloaded with the click of a mouse, copyright issues are more complex than ever before.

Is it permissible for a teacher to make a copy of that new sound recording or a chapter from a book? Or to make a class set of the chapter? Can a student copy an online photograph for use in a class report? Can a parent download the library's copy of a new study program onto a home computer?

These are just some of the questions that school librarians and media specialists face each day—and the resources in this section of the Join the ©Team! website are designed to help provide you with answers and the tools you need to raise awareness of the importance of copyright among your school's teachers, students, and parents.

Here you will find:

Frequently Asked Questions about copyright and intellectual property rights that librarians and media specialists are
often expected to answer. Turn here for information that supplements the general guidelines in An Educator's
Guide to Intellectual Property

Library/Media Skills Projects that offer lesson plans librarians and media specialists can use to introduce the concepts of copyright, academic plagiarism, and intellectual property to students. Investigating Inventors helps students improve their research skills as they explore the lives of famous inventors. Learn the Rules, a multi-grade project, challenges students to create their own ©Team Playbook that explains the rules of copyright and reinforces respect for the intellectual property of others.